Live, Love, Create

Nomad Stitches has been a long time coming!
I started knitting and crocheting as a little girl in Mexico under my motherĀ“s tutelage. I have since long left my home country and lived in six other nations, seen many places and experienced wonderful things. However, in the last few years the only things that remain constant are my husband and best friend, Calum, my dog, Basil and my knitting needles and crochet hooks!

I am now living in Granada, Spain getting inspired everyday by the weather, the relaxed lifestyle, and the incredible nature that surrounds this beautiful city!

I hope you enjoy my creations! I try to find the best and most natural products available and make as much as possible from scratch. I really do put a lot of love into every stitch in every piece to make a quality and durable product that showcases originality and uniqueness.

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